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Our testing experts have opened their calendars for 3 days so you can pick their brains. Whether you've got a specific issue and need some practical advice, or you’d simply like to spend less time testing and more time focused on strategic work, our pros are on hand to guide you on all aspects of Workday testing.

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April 13-15 

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On how to enhance your testing approach without increasing effort

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What we're offering ...

Book a 30 minute meeting with one of our leading Automation experts, to find out how your business could benefit from Kainos' Intelligent Automation solutions.

We can advise you on ...

  • Achieving greater accuracy and reducing scope for human error
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Increasing compliance and security

If you're unable to find a suitable appointment slot, please email [email protected] , and we'll be in touch with an alternative as soon as we can.

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Financial Readiness Workshop

Is your finance department optimised for Workday usability? Our Workday Financials experts can help you better understand your readiness for system change and discuss the possibilities that Workday Financials could bring to your finance department. Whether you've already got Workday HCM or are exploring Workday Financials for the first time, this is a truly 'ask me anything' opportunity.

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Trusted testing partner to 200+ Workday Customers

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KION Group 
“It was an amazing journey, with lots of interesting decisions and new ways of working at KION. All this is now starting to pay off, which makes me very happy. We love to work with the Kainos team. Their profound advice is always welcome, and we are very happy that they were our “tour guide. 
Chief of HR 
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